4 new Warburton backbores in the assortiment, mainly to help players with a Cornet shank piccolo trumpet! These 4 new backbores come of course with Breslmair threads and are therefore combinable with the cups of the Breslmair assortiment!


S10 and S10*: These "S" backbores were designed to enhance the response on the Schilke P5-4 piccolo trumpet. They are identical to our standard cornet backbores, but have a narrower exterior taper. The S10 and S10* are the most popular models in combination with the Schilke piccolo trumpet. The S10* is more free blowing than the standard S10.


BC11* and BC12*: These British cornet backbores are shorter than the standard cornet backbores. Due to their shorter overall length, the playing characteristics are very well suited for piccolo playing situations! Both the 11* and 12* backbore are very open backbores, what makes the piccolo trumpet (with cornet shank) much more free blowing than with a standard cornet shank mouthpiece.


Warburton piccolo backbores with CORNET shank for Schilke piccolo

Model (silverplated)
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    CVR: 37980064