Special Breslmair backbores

The demands of modern trumpets on brass and mouthpieces, as well as specially developed calculation methods and resulting simulation, led to the production of further, powerful and more specific backbores, which represent a significant enrichment of our range and are recommended of consideration:


24: Large orchestral stem with bore #24 = 3,861 mm (contact me for ordering 3,861mm cups).


P75: A standard P backbore with 0.75mm longer soul**. The creates a little more resistance in the backbore and creates a more focused sound. Very helpful for large bore bell trumpets!


AL8: Further development of the L-bore, increased volume leads to very fine sound palet.


66: Surpasses all expectations regarding tone and endurance.



** Seele or soul of a mouthpiece, is the cylindrical space in between the throat and the actual backbore. When enlarging the soul, the mouthpiece gets more resistance because of the air that travels slower towards the backbore. When shortening the soul, the resistance gets less and the sound more round. 

Special Breslmair backbores

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Material: silver