Original Warburton backbore with Breslmair threads

We made the Warburton backbores available for the Breslmair system!!!


Many trumpet players find the combination of choosing their own Breslmair rim and cup fitting to an American style backbore very useful on their piston trumpets. The liberty of choosing your own rim and cup with a Warburton backbore gives the player even more freedom to create his own personal sound. The Breslmair backbore assortiment has from today 15 more backbores to choose from!

Quote Karl Breslmair: " A cooperation of two esteemed companies producing so sensibel parts is a little sensation in my opinion. It is so easy to exchange data and ideas with Terry and finally the winner is: You- the musician! Thanks Joris and Terry for that harmony"


* Also the combination of a Breslmair piccolo trumpet setup (rim and cup, preferably P cup or GA4) and a bigger Warburton backbore (10 to 12*) gives great results on piccolo trumpet!!!


This is what Terry says about his backbores:


3* - Our tightest commercial sounding backbores. These models have a concentrated and intense sound.

5*  With progressively less resistance, this model produces a bright and very projecting tone.

8, 9 - Medium large sizes.

Models #8 and #9 are very well received by the orchestra player who appreciates the increased volume of sound with less resistance.

10, 11, 12 - Very large "Symphonic" sizes. These models have very little resistance and offer the strong player the potential for the ultimate in full, rich sound.


The STANDARD Series have long established themselves as the most popular choice for nearly any playing situation.

The STAR Series were designed to allow each of the STANDARD models to be more free blowing without the necessity of reaming to a larger bore size. This is important because the quality of sound remains the same without the risk of losing focus sometimes caused by playing of too large bore size. Since these models were made available, the medium large sizes (7* to 10*) have been very well received in the orchestral trumpet community.


X series modified for C trumpet are for them who like the old school C trumpet sound! These backbores are a little bit shorter in length and improve tuning on the C trumpet.


Original Warburton backbore with Breslmair threads

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