Breslmair Cup

G1B: G1 form made by Breslmair in 1970, original form of the model G1. Very deep cup.

(throat 3,800mm)


G1: original, Vienna Philharmonic mouthpiece, from there collection. Deep cup.

(throat 3,800mm)


G1S: Somewhat shallower than G1, according to H.P. Shoe (Wiener. Phil.) Deep cup.

(throat 3,800mm)

GE48: very deep, cup shape from Yamaha 15E4 mouthpiece.


G2W: Shallower example to G1W for more flexibility with sonorous sound. Deep cup.

 (throat 3,800mm)


JDR: My own copy of a Bach Mount Vernon 1 1/4C cup (before called the "G5mod" cup) Started from a G5 cup to be able to shape the cup into a "C bowl" form. Throat made from 3,650mm (standard G5) to the Breslmair standard throat size 3,800mm.

Very good results on Piston trumpets!!


JDR-26: The same JDR cup (see above), but now with the throat size 26 (3,73mm).


JDR-27: The same JDR cup (see above), but now with the throat size of a standard Bach mouthpiece (3,66mm) This is the closest you can get to a Bach 1 1/4C Mount Vernon cup! CNC made (electronic copy) and with the original Bach throat size! Sizzling sound and very very well working on piston valve trumpets!! 


114-i: Copy of a modern Bach 1 1/4C cup.


G14C: Another copy of a Bach 1 1/4C cup


G2:  standard cup, used in many large top orchestras. Deep cup.

(throat 3,800mm)


G2A: large sonic presence, slightly shallower than G2. Medium deep.

(Prof. Martin Mühlfellner) (throat 3,800mm)


G12: Another copy of a Bach 1 1/2C.


B1.5C-25: Copy of an old Bach 1 1/2B mouthpiece from '60! Slightly deeper cup,with a great big sound!! For them that like the G2 cup, but want a little more center when playing the higher octave (standard 25 Breslmair throat, 3.80mm).


HH: Copy made from the Toshi mouthpiece made for Håkan Hardenberger,the mouthpiece has he been playing for the last 30years! Together with the HH rim, you can have the same top as Håkan Hardenbergers mouthpiece!


G3: cup for sophisticated brass music and well-groomed entertainment music. 

Between medium/shallow deep.

(throat 3,800mm)


G3W: W (Viennese model) cups are distinguished by their sound. Dark. Medium deep.

(throat 3,800mm)


G3S: Variation to G3 with less C shape in the cup, very centered and transparent sound. 

Between medium/shallow deep. (throat 3,800mm)


G3C: tighter variant to G3 with C-cup. Copy of Bach Mount Vernon 3C. 

Between medium/shallow deep.

(throat 3,700mm)


G4: shallow cup for high trumpets, wide heart for small backbores, results in great sound. Shallow.

(throat 3,600mm)




Breslmair Cup

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