This is a special production of our cornet bottom parts, but now with small tapered shanks.

Some of the older cornets (Besson and Yamaha) can only take small tapered mouthpieces (like the old Denis Wick mouthpiece). Often players notice that the newer mouthpieces don´t go as deep in the receiver, wich is giving bad itonation on the cornet (flat D, high G). Therefore we made our cornet series also with small shanks, resulting in the real dark brassband cornet sound!!

Cornets that can take modern shanked mouthpieces, can also use the "s" series. The result is a mellow sound, because of a smaller "gap" between the mouthpiece shank and the leadpipe.

Give it a try and you will be amazed by the flexibility in the height while keeping a full tone!

Small taper cornet bottom part (fitting older Besson, Yamaha and B&H models)

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