It is possible to combine all the Breslmair cups with the Breslmair cornet backbores, great for solo playing and orchestra use. But what if you need a mellow, sweet cornet sound to fit in a traditional Brittish brassband setting?? We have the solution!

Breslmair is offering it´s flugelhorn bottom part range with cornet shank! 

You can choose your own preferable rim on the bottom part of your choice!


I explain and play the different models here:


F0 : Very deep cup with a large throat of 4.3 mm


F1: Very deep cup comparable with the F0 model, but with smaller throat of 4.2mm


F2: Deep cup with throat of 3.9mm


F3: Deep cup comparable with the F2 model, but with smaller throat of 3.8mm


F4: Medium deep cup with throat of 3.8mm


F5: Medium cup with throat of 3.9mm


F6: Medium cup with throat of 3.8mm


F7: Medium/medium shallow shaped cup with throat of 3.8mm



Cornet bottom parts (for brassband playing)

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