Special orders

 Do you have an older mouthpiece with a damaged rim you still want to use? Or do you want to use your Breslmair rim on your favourite Bach/Schilke/Yamaha mouthpiece??

At Breslmair Scandinavia it is possible to make it to reality!!!

You send me your mouthpiece and one week later it will be ready to play with any Breslmair rim of your choice!

Please notice that the removed rim of the mouthpiece cannot be used anymore after the modification.


* Do you have a mouthpiece you really like, but you think another backbore would be better? We can cut the mouthpiece and make it to a top with Breslmair threads, fitting to all our Breslmair and Warburton backbores!! (See the pictures above!)


Please Contact me for explaining your project and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 




Special orders