Breslmair Piccolo Trumpet cup

G3A: the shallow all-round cup with an ideal sound. Shallow. Good results on rotary piccolo trumpets. (throat 3,700mm)


Ga4: From the piccolo collection; Dedicated Maurice André model in 1992 by Martin Lechner. Shallow. (throat 3,700mm)


G4C: A little more V shaped cup than the Ga4 model. Volume in the cup is increased a little bit in comparison with the Ga4


G5: shallow cup for high trumpets, depth as G4 but narrow heart with larger bore. Shallow.

(throat 3,650mm)


G6: for Piccolo and Lead, extreme. Shallow.

(throat 3,600mm) 


P1 (throat 3.700mm)


* My own experience learns me that the combination of a Breslmair piccolo trumpet top (rim and cup) and a bigger Warburton backbore (10 to 12*) gives great results on piccolo trumpet!!!


Breslmair Piccolo Trumpet cup

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