Breslmair Cornet backbore

* Basically all trumpet backbores can be made in a cornet size version. Here I have only listed the most common ordered cornet backbores.Click Contact if your requested cornet backbore is not in the list!


L: Guaranteed precision response; Beautiful, centered tone. Similar to Bach 24. 

1: Standard bore of the G1-mouthpiece, classical orchestral backbore, big sound!

G: Original backbore of the G2, Round, soft tone, for symphonic use, ideal combination with G2 cup

2: Round, soft tone, for symphonic use, ideal combination with G2 cup or G1 cup.

3: Accurate response, brighter, bearing tone.

5: Great sound for piccolo, long seele for good easy feeling in the high register.

(seele is the cylindrical space in between the throat and the actual backbore)

7: Bright and transparent sound, backbore with higher resistance.

P: Universally applicable orchestral backbore, excellent sound.

J: Narrow, lighter, clear sound; Good height, good for piccolo trumpet use.

N: Free blowing backbore, good results on piccolo trumpet.

66: Surpasses all expectations regarding tone and endurance.

25: Narrow backbore, easy to play, precise height.Good for piccolo playing.

Breslmair Cornet backbore

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