Breslmair Scandinavia - Test Center
gl. Strandvej 126 Humlebæk
CVR: 37980064



For all the people that are interested in Breslmair mouthpieces and other trumpet mouthpiece stuff!


A webshop with trumpet mouthpiece accessoires and

a try out center in Copenhagen with nearly all the Breslmair models in stock and for sale!


Thanks to Karl Breslmair and his wonderful team, I am able to share these great Viennese Breslmair mouthpieces with all of you! If you are interested in a great match between the player, the mouthpiece and the trumpet, you are at the right place!

Here you also have the possibility to               me for more advice, or more special needs.



Karl Breslmair making the settings for the accurate CNC machine, where all the stock mouthpieces are produced with! More than 99% accuracy                                          guaranteed!

Me (2nd from Left) with the Breslmair crew anno 2017!