This webshop with trumpet mouthpiece accessoires, is here mainly as an addition to my try out center in Copenhagen! I have nearly all the Breslmair models in stock for testing, and also for sale online!


Thanks to Karl Breslmair and his wonderful team, I am able to share these great Viennese Breslmair mouthpieces with all of you!


 If you are interested in a great match between the player, the mouthpiece and the trumpet, you are at the right place!

Needing more advice? Or do you have more special needs? Please write me a message and I will get in contact with you!



Karl Breslmair making the settings for the accurate CNC machine, where all the stock mouthpieces are produced with! More than 99% accuracy                                          guaranteed!

Me (2nd from Left) with the Breslmair crew anno 2017!