What the costumers say:

The Warburton Backbores work perfect with the breslmair Tops, on piccolo i play the 10* with a G4a or 7D Cup, on the first days it needed a bit more air as i need usually, but then it worked perfectly, also the 8 Backbore with a G3C Cup, full tone, easy to Play in every Register, very good Intonation! I‘m very happy for this oportunity, thanks! - comment from Georg Hiemer from Germany

Highly recommend Breslmair Scandinavia - Test Center, Joris De Rijbel really knows what he is talking about and he has a fantastic service! - comment from Bjarne Kundby Nielsen trumpeter of the Danish National Opera House.

Fikk mine Breslmair flygelhorn-munnstk i dag 👍🏻. F3 & F4 med L rim. Bare en ting å si: Fantastisk 😃.

" Got my Breslmair flugelhorn mouthpieces today, F3 and F4 with L rim, just one thing to say, fantastic" - comment from Sverre Wessel from Norway

Breslmair Scandinavia - Test Center
gl. Strandvej 126 Humlebæk
CVR: 37980064